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Trisha | Twenty-two | LA<3


We go through life searching for happiness thinking that someone else will make us happy, but happiness is our choice. Truth is, we just need someone to share it with. And honestly, that’s all I really want. Not someone who can make me happy but rather someone to share all of my happiness and success with. To be able to endulge in happiness and enjoy every single minute of it. I’ve come such a long way and the journey has truly just begun, but I can’t imagine what it would be like if I couldn’t share it with someone else and celebrate every “good” thing that has happened in my life. From my perspective, what is success and happiness without love? We’re humans, we’re meant to share it with someone else and be truly proud of how far we’ve come especially in the face of adversity and pain. Don’t you agree?!

June 18th 5:30pm | 2 notes
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  1. huongbinhkim said: YES. OF COURSE I AGREE! This makes me so happy to read <3
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